April 22, 2011

Follow My Book Blog Friday!: (04/22 to 04/29)

This week’s featured blog is The Cait Files, so we say hello to Caitlin who is behind the blog.
Today's Question is:

Q. What is on your current playlist right now?

Well, recently I have been obsessed with Beirut (I'm going to their concert next September!!!); I'm also listening The Strokes and Radiohead (they both have new Albums now). And my old times favorites:  Jack Johnson, Norah Jones and so much more, I love music and depending on my mood I choose what to listen, lately I have been listening "The Greatest" by Cat Power.


  1. I really like Norah Jones when I am in the mood.

    I'm an old follower - I think from this time last week :)


  2. I've listened to Norah Jones! It seems The Strokes is everone's favorite! I must see why! :)

    ~Happy Blogging!~

  3. Hi, I'm an old follower stopping by! I love Radiohead and Jack Johnson! Have a great weekend!

    Here is my Friday post:


    New follower from Follow Friday - come over and check out Everyday is an Adventure at http://everydayadventure11.blogspot.com


  5. My husband is a huge Radiohead fan. I listen to them a lot because of him and I like their music. Their new album is so different from anything they've done. It's kind of trippy.

  6. Hi, Love, love Norah Jones! So much so that I had to take a little break but now seeing her name again makes me want to fire her up on the ipod!

    Enjoying th blog and all th reviews.

  7. @Jules, Welcome back!

    @Bookaddict102 The Strokes are really good but I like their first album "This is it!" better

    @Bonnie I am in love with Jack Johnson

    @Lindsay I love the theme of your blog!

    @Jenni Elyse, that´s the best part thing! with Radiohead eery album is something new and wonderful.

    @Johanna I know the feeling, the same happened to me with Jack Johnson!



  8. You have a lot of bands on there I don't think I've ever heard of! Perhaps I should check them out, huh? ;) Sounds good though!

    Rebecca @ kindle fever

  9. I love Norah Jones! I'm not listening to much really right now though.

  10. Hey Bex! Beirut is really good! You should listen it! They are from the State but they use a lot sound from East Europe is really nice!

    Alexis! Norah has a "new" single!! is called Black and is really good!




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