Review & Giveaway Policy

Updated (October, 2014)
  • Our only focus is, and always will be, the reader. 
  • We are not professional reviewers (whatever that means). We don’t get any type of compensation for our reviews, and we are in no way related to the publishing industry. We do this on our own free time and because we like it.
  • If you would like to submit your book for review consideration, please email us. Acceptance does not guarantee a review.
  • We review Romance genre novels and fiction with strong romantic elements. This includes: Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy (with strong romantic elements and HEA's), M/M and GLBTQ Romance, Young Adult, Chick Lit, Women's Fiction, Steampunk, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. We do not review Inspirational Romance.
  • We only accept e-books/e-ARCs/Digital Galleys. Our preferred method of receiving e-galleys is through third-party services such as NetGalley and Edelweiss. Our preferred format is .mobi/Kindle or any other that’s compatible, or can be converted, to a Kindle format. 
  • We do not post reviews on Amazon or any other similar website.
  • We do not post reviews before release day.
  • We try to limit the amount of promotional posts we do, and we don’t participate in promotional or marketing events such as cover reveals and most blog tours (especially those that require positive reviews). We do enjoy doing interviews and having guest authors, but again, we try to limit them to authors and books we’re familiar with or that fit our blog. If you have an interesting topic and wish to do a guest post, interview, or visit with us in any other capacity, please email us and we’ll talk some more. We do ask that the content you provide be original and exclusive to our blog. 
  • We are very careful with the images used on the blog, and do thorough search to make sure they are copyright-free. But if we are using an image that you own copyright on and would like removed, please ask.
  • Feedback, ideas, book recommendations and guest reviews/posts are always welcome, so please email us.
Commenting Policy:

  • We encourage you to comment because we feel that it’s an integral part of blogging. We won't edit anything (we can't), and you can post anonymously if you prefer to do so. We welcome and encourage disagreement and discussions. Profanity is fine. Assholes will be treated accordingly (and we reserve the right to determine who qualifies as an asshole). Spam will be deleted.

Giveaway and Privacy Policy:
  • Because we can't control what others do with your private information, we have decided not to do more giveaways of bound books and other items that can't be sent via email. If you participated on a previous contest, rest assured that we didn't share your information with anyone other than the publisher/author/publicist in charge of mailing the prizes.
  • Regarding comments: we won't share your email address, and in fact, most of the time we can't even see it.
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FTC Disclaimer

The books reviewed here were purchased by us. If the book was provided by the author or publisher for review, it will be noted on the post. We do not get any type of monetary compensation from publishers or authors.