December 12, 2012

This post is just an excuse to have something go live on 12/12/12 at 12:12

Completely random, but funny nonetheless.

This is the last time we’ll get to see a cool date like this one, unless we become vampires, which, if Romance is any indication of reality, could happen. I just hope that if it does happen, I become a vampire right now, when I’ve yet to eat my weight in Christmas candy. 

So yes, I just wanted an excuse to post something at 12:12, and this is what I came up with: nothing. But remember that Jill Sorenson is doing a fun Q&A today, and giving away her new book, and one of her oldies. We also have an Anne Calhoun giveaway, the price is Breath on Embers, her latest novella, not Anne the person, we’re not that type of blog.

Last week I told you that this would probably be the last week of blogging for the year, but it was a lie. I’ll still be around next week with reviews and probably the Best of 2012 List. This week is all about novellas, if stop by tomorrow, you will see why. Sorry Nath!

I hope you have a fun day. If you buy a lottery ticket, don’t play 12 12 12 12 12, because that’s just silly. See you tomorrow!


  1. Tee hee! Love this post Brie...looking forward to your reviews next week.

    1. I look forward to it too. The Best of 2012 post is taking me forever to write!

  2. LOL! However, if you want to have more fun, you can post again at 20.12 on 20.12.2012 Here in Australia, we do our dates properly so we can have extra fun! If you would only put your days and months around the right way you wouldn't have to wait so long!

    This is one of the many reasons why Australia is better than the US! *grins* (Another is that we can go to the beach on Christmas Day and not freeze our asses off).

    1. You forgot to mention Hugh Jackman!

      I'm not gonna lie, it took me forever to figure out what all those 20.12 meant... Now I think that I'll change the blog's date format to fit it. 20.12 20.12.2012 is cool! You have to do it.

  3. Also Chris Hemsworth. We make 'em big and beautiful Down Under.

    As to your challenge. I have picked up the gauntlet and shall make it so! :D


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