May 13, 2011

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Today’s question is:

Q. The Blogger Apocalypse made me a little emotional. What is the most emotional scene in a book that you have read lately?

Early this year I read A Place to Call Home by Deborah Smith, I haven’t cried that hard since watching Marley and Me… The book is about these two kids that are two worlds apart, she is rich and spoiled, he lives in a trailer with his abusive father. It was very dramatic. Here is the synopsis if you are interested.

Twenty years ago, Claire Maloney was the willful, pampered, tomboyish daughter of the town’s most respected family, but that didn’t stop her from befriending Roan Sullivan, a fierce, motherless boy who lived in a rusted-out trailer amid junked cars. No one in Dunderry, Georgia—least of all Claire’s family—could understand the bond between these two mavericks. But Roan and Claire belonged together until the dark afternoon when violence and terror overtook their lives, and Roan disappeared. Now, two decades later, Claire is adrift, and the Maloneys are still hoping the past can be buried under the rich Southern soil. But Roan Sullivan is about to walk back into their lives . . .

Bantam. May 4, 1998.

Hi there! I cry about everything so is hard for me to choose just one, but there is this book called "Dream a Little Dream" by Susan Elizabeth Phillips that made me cry buckets, every time that the little boy asked his mom if they were going to die my heart broke a little. Here is the link is case you want to check it out.

After the discovery that her late husband, a popular televangelist, embezzled five million dollars from his ministry, Rachel Stone is outcast and broke with a five-year-old son to raise, and in need of a job. Then fate and a dead car engine leaves her at a shabby drive-in theater owned by Gabriel Bonner, the hunky, anti-social black sheep of a prominent family, and the only person in Salvation, North Carolina, willing to employ her. The sexual electricity starts crackling the instant they meet--but it will take the shock of both their lives to give these two lonely people a second chance at love

Avon, February 1st, 1998

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