March 7, 2012

News, Celebrations and Tournaments

Of Birthdays and Blogoversaries

I can’t believe it's March already, at this rate I’ll blink and it will be Christmas again. I’m actually happy that this month came so fast because on the 21st Romance Around the Corner will be celebrating its first year anniversary. The blog went live on the 9th but the 21st was the day we posted our first review, so that’s the day it counts. We need to plan something special to do that day, but to be honest, just the fact that you’re reading us and we continue to post reviews is special enough for us. Also, my birthday is March 28th and the blog has been the best present I’ve ever given to myself (although I once ate two whole racks of BBQ ribs which comes a close second, and as the most delicious present I’ve ever eaten, followed but the worse birthday indigestion that shall not be named).

Shameless Self-Promo

If you are a blogger or an author, don’t forget to enter our Shameless Summer Giveaway Hop, because steamy book deserve some love and we love excuses to look at pictures of naked men. It’s a summer hop, so there’s still plenty of time to sign up but it’s never too early for some self-promotion. 

Wanted: Guest Reviewers

We are looking for Guest Reviews/Reviewers. If you write reviews in places such as GoodReads, Amazon and Librarything, and love blogs but don’t want to have your own, or if you do have your own blog but would like to be a guest here, we would like to invite you to write a guest review or two for our blog. The main requisites are that you review a romance novel or fiction with strong romantic elements, and that the format of that review matches ours, that means that it has to be a detailed review. If you would like to give it a try and you think your style fits ours, please send me a link to one of your reviews at and the title of the book you would like to review for us. This is not a permanent position, so no pressure for you to come up with a specific amount of reviews a week or anything like that, just a sporadically guest review.

NOTE: if you happen to like Lesbian Fiction or F/F romance, we would love to invite you to review a book for us. We have neglected that genre, so we will give those books priority.

It’s that time of the year: DABWAHA

Are you familiar with the DABWAHA Tournament? I guess you probably are, but just in case, it’s an annual Competition put together by the fantastic people over at Dear Author and by Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches Trashy Books. Each year they choose eight books in eight different categories, for a total of sixty-four books, to go against each other in the ultimate battle of the romance novels. The books compete in tournament-like brackets and readers get to vote which book wins each round until just one book remains. It’s lots of fun and there are prices for the winners, and most importantly, it’s another list filled with the best of the best books of the year, so it gives us the opportunity to discover books that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. 

This year is going to be particularly tough. I have read and love most of the books, in fact my Best of 2011 list is filled with contenders, so I know I’ll have a hard time choosing. Last year the tournament kicked my butt, I ended up choosing Meljean Brook’s Here There Be Monsters, a novella that did pretty well considering, but I knew it didn’t have a real chance. We’ll see how it goes this year. 

To find out who the nominees are and start preparing for the ultimate book battle, you can visit the official DABWAHA website. And no, I have no idea what DABWAHA stands for, but I bet is long and it makes no sense.

That’s it for today, happy Wednesday!
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  1. My blogaversary is TOMORROW and I have absolutely nothing planned. I'm so unmotivated. And BRIE!!! Your bday is the same day as my best friend's! I knew I liked you! Anywho, the tournament sounds like a lot of fun. I'll have to go check those sites out. Thanks for the information.

    1. Ha! I just added a Facebook reminder for your blogeoversary (seriously, I added it to my calendar so I don't forget). Congrats Jade! It's so awesome, right? I can't believe it's already been a year.

      Your friend must be the awesomest person in the planet! LOL

  2. Smexy Books anniversary is 3/23 and my birthday is 3/29. Freaky! ;)

    I love Dabwaha! So much fun!

    1. No wonder you're so awesome! LOLOL March is the best month!!

      DABWAHA is fun! And this is the first time I agree with almost all the books, things are about to get interesting...

  3. Happy Upcoming Anniversary :)

    1. Thanks Na!

      Remember to stop by during the actual celebration.

  4. What a great month for you! Lots to celebrate! :D

    DABWAHA is loads of fun.. and so addictive to follow. I used to know what it stood for .. Dear Author something something etc etc. I forget!!! LOL! I won the second chance round in 2009, but haven't played since then.. mostly because I forget to sign up!

    1. What?!? You won?! That’s pretty awesome!
      Last year I did so badly, I think because I voted with my heart instead of my head, although I was glad Julie James won. This year I plan to play smart *insert evil laugh*…

  5. Woohooo on making it to a year :) can't wait for the actual date :) First blogiversary is always great LOL. I'm going on my 6th, but I've been missing the exact date in the past few years LOL. Oh woohoo on your b-day too :) Any plans?

    I always suck at DABWAHA because my reactions to books are different than most people LOL. Lots of good and popular authors I don't click with. But I always give it a go, because you never know :P

    1. Six years! That’s a great accomplishment, I hope I’m still around in six year, also, I hope by that time I’m the queen of something, maybe pies, or flying cars (because in six years there’s gotta be flying cars, right?).

      I think the key of voting at DABWAHA is going with popular and your head, instead of with your heart. I’m like you, most of the times I love crazy books that no one else likes (Alphas: Origins, I’m talking to you!!) so I end up losing. This year though, the fight is on, because I truly love most of the contenders, so it’s going to be twice as hard (and yes, I’m nominating Alphas for the novella category because I must spread the love!).

  6. LOL. In 6 years, if we have a cheaper alternative to petrol, then it's going to be a good start :) Flying? Not sure yet LOL.

    Yep, that's exactly it. Going with what's popular, not what you like... but then, I visit select blogs. So there's some books I totally haven't heard of ^_^;


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