June 25, 2013

A New Feature and an Update

Through the Nostalgia Glass a Romance Around the Corner feature
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All reviews and no play make Romance Around the Corner a dull blog, so I’ve been thinking about ways to improve and freshen up the blog. The one I came up with still involves reviews, but there’s a twist.

We have talked about hype and how popular new releases get all the attention. I will be the first to admit that shiny new books are hard to resist, but we should make room for older books, especially those we hold dear. Our perception of old favorites can change during time, because while the stories remain the same, readers tend to grow and change. However, new perspectives don’t necessarily lessen the value of the books, and may even give us a new view and appreciation of the stories. So I thought that it would be an interesting experiment to re-read these old favorites and see how (or if) our reactions to them have changed and how they hold up to the test of time.

Through the Nostalgia Glass is going to be a new feature in which I (and maybe you) will read some of my first and dearest romances from the perspective of the reader I am today. The plan is to make it a monthly feature, because as you can tell, I’m not an organized blogger and I tend to play it by ear, so one committed post a month is all I can handle.

The first post will go live sometime next month, and it will be a review of the first Romance I ever read: The Velvet Promise by Jude Deveraux.

If you want to participate, I would be delighted to host your guest review here on the blog. The rule is simple: pick a book you read and loved years ago, re-read it and see how it goes. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and we’re about to test it.


Romance Around the Corner Presents: Heroine Week

HeroineWeek is almost here! But when?

The original plan was to run the event during the first week of July, but that’s cutting it too close, so the final date is going to be July 8th to July 14th.

The guest posts have started to come in and they are wonderful. This is going to be really good and it’s all due to the awesome people participating. I hope you’re as excited as I am. So set your calendars and get ready for a vagical (TM Jill Sorenson) week. 


  1. What an interesting idea! I look forward to seeing how it goes!! :-)

  2. Ohhh, that is risky to revisit old favorites :) Hope you enjoy this new feature of yours, Brie! :)

    1. It is risky ;-) So I hope it goes well ;-)

  3. Love this idea! And I love JD so I'll be curious to see how you review her book.


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