May 4, 2012

H&H: Contemporary Romance Edition

I have a new post over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. This time I’m talking about my favorite current Contemporary Romance authors, which means that you won’t find Nora Roberts, Jennifer Crusie or Susan Elizabeth Phillips on the list. Instead, I mention authors that may not be as famous or whose careers are relatively new, but that I consider some of the best people currently writing Contemporaries. I know I’m leaving lots of people out, because lucky for us, there are many great authors out there, so I would love to hear your thoughts, if you have read any of those authors and who would make your list!


  1. Hey Brie,

    I tried posting my comment to the Heroes and Heartbreak website five times. Captcha is a bitch and I was tired of fooling with it so I'm pasting it here!

    Greta post Brie. I've given Sarah Mayberry a try before and she probably isn't someone who I'd keep at the top of my list but I would look out for her work.

    Unfortunatley I have no experience with any of the other authors you listed but have been wanting to get my hands on a Julie James and Jill Shalvis book. I really need to get on that soon.

    I just finished a Jennifer Crusie book (first one I've read) and it was okay. I think I started with the wrong book though.

    Contemporary Romance authors I like generally fall more towards chick lit (is that about the same thing?) so I probably shouldn't list them here.

  2. Ack! I don’t how their commenting system works but I’m sorry you’re having problems with it. I know that if you subscribe it makes it easier, though. But you can always just comment here instead.

    Which Jennifer Crusie did you read? Not all of them are great so I’m not surprised you didn’t enjoy it.

    Chick-Lit is a bit different than Contemporary in that its main focus is the heroine (although not always, my next H&H post is about this) and it’s more about her journey, so the romance takes a back seat and the hero is just a romantic interest, not a real protagonist. But there are many Chick-Lit authors that write books that are quite close to contemporary romance, Kristan Higgins is one.

    1. I read Fast Women and from many comments I see that that wasn't one of her better books. While, overall I was entertained, there was an insane focus on china, and the women were silly nincompoops.


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